What is a StatTrack™ items ?

Posted on Sun 29 January 2017 in GlobalOffensive Info

We all know what is it.



Well you should definitly skip this article then, we will go more in depth of the history of it and the details of this unique items.

Introduced recently to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, mostly found when opening a Weapon Case. Anyway you can directly recognize StatTrack weapons with the little orange LED display attached to the gun or on a knife engraved.



The main benefits here, is that StatTrack™ items only count confirmed kills and exclude botting skills. StatTrack items are defiitly a plus items when you stream on Twitch, User will see directly the count and I am telling you seeing the count goes up is always something worth to watch.


Here is the list of different StatTrack™ items available. (in bold the one we only accept on teamcsgo)

List of available StatTrak™ items

  • Weapon Skins
  • Knives
  • Music Kits
  • Trivia

Price of StatTrack™ items

It's important to check the price of items, StatTrack items due to their specificity are for most of them ranging from 2$ up to 400$.

We are not trader here and we gain the trust of teams so we definitly don't take into account this, this is why on teamcsgo) we only show randomly a bit of the actual shared inventory of the teams.

in addition this is why we had to sets limits and protection to avoid abuse

Final words

We hope to see your StatTrack items with this count 9999 If you reach this send us your screen ;)